Sleeping Cats. Would love some critique:)

This took waaay too long:P
Nearly threw it out at some point. Ended up cropping like a half of it and fixed it up a bit. Still can't manage to take pictures just right but it'll do. Quite happy with how it turned out in the end though, learned a lot about oil painting too. Would love to hear your comments and critique:)
Was going for a peaceful and chill type of vibe

~~4''x11'' oil on paper. Thinking of painting something more archival. Any recommendations for a good canvas board? I was told to stay away from the pressed cardboard stuff but that timber ones are great. Saw some that were about an A4-A3 size for like 70 euro each (~80$). Is that a standard price or can you get better value without sacrificing too much on quality?


  • Hey! The values and colours on this painting is just a joy to see. I love the brushwork, and the items on the picture as well - definitely achieving the chill, cozy vibe you were after. You're certainly very skilled.
    My critique is about the composition however. I feel like there isn't an established focus of the picture, which I belive should be on the two cats sleeping. In my opinion this same picture from a different angle or arrangement of subjects would elevate it so much. Things like putting the two cats in the central could be the simplest way, or symmetricly on both sides, or creating a triangle with the 3rd "corner" being the items. This is only my opinion and once again, this is an awesome painting!
  • @tamasgodanyi
     Thanks for the critique! I was suspecting  there would be problems with the composition tbh. thats why I cropped it too.
     Glad you like it!:) 
  • it surely has the chill vibe you were aiming for...  looks very interesting, almost like a shot out of some animation story by Disney :) the depth is well depicted... the orange cat steals the show though, i noticed the grey cat last, after the orange cat, sewing machine and the pin cushions :)
  • This is great. Excellent values and lovely colour. My only critique is that the grey cat is a bit lost. Perhaps some more definition around it's head would help bring it more into the picture. Apart from that I think it's great.  :)
  • @anwesha Thanks!:) Great to see the orange cat caught you attention. grey one seems to be notticed last. oh well, a nice little surprise at the end:)

    @tassieguy Happy to hear you like it! I actually experimented with some rim light on the fur in the early stages:D
  • I like this painting.  It’s got a nice feel to it.  I like the kitty cats and all the mechanical bits of the sewing machine.
  • Hi, the vibe is right.  I like the execution of the paint and the machine is very good.   The ginger cat grabs some attention with his placement and expression.   However, the only reason I even looked for the grey was the title was in the plural, not the singular!
    I agree that if you had altered the angles and placement of the cats and machine, the impact may have been even greater. 
     I also agree it has a Disney feel to it.   I think it is because both cats are painted( a bit like Puss in Boots), with no underlying musculoskeletal features to the heads, legs and bodies.  On the other hand, the machine and incidental props are all very realistic.  If this was your aim, you have achieved it very well.
    If you use the correct paper for the job and make sure it is prepared, there should be no problems with works remaining archival.    There are plenty of works around today which are a couple of hundred years old  or more which were painted on paper.  Buy cotton paper if you are concerned.   By all means use a canvas or board, but stick with paper if you are only worried about the longevity of your works, they will be bound to outlive you!
  • @GTO Thanks!:)

    @toujours Thanks! That's great to hear about paper.:)

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    I like it. I love the moody, quiet night-time feel. It's serene. I love the way your subjects are out of focus and dreamy while the material and machine are crisp.
    The composition takes a risk by cutting off the right hand side - but it very effectively pulls your attention to the sleeping cat. There are people who assess composition by checking the rule book and those who simply respond to a painting. I love the use of colour - the blue at each edge balances it like the outriggers on each side of a canoe.
  • I love this @Jan_D the softness to it. I like what may be seen as the oddness of the composition because it suggests to me that you have captured the cats were they happen to be, rather than some carefully arranged scene. 

    There is something ethereal about it.

  • @Abstraction Thanks!:) I do tend to do a lot of my composition planning ''by feel'', which isn't probably something to be proud of:D but i'm happy it works!:)

    @MichaelD Thanks. 

  • The vibe really comes through….it's relaxing just looking at this painting :) The brushwork really suits what you're trying to convey as well I think. I also love the shadowing around the pincushions. My only critique is that the sewing foot kind of divides the canvas and interrupts the flow your eye takes from the bottom left corner along the cats over the bottom right corner.
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