Brush brands + care

I tend to use small filberts of "Silver Grand Prix" from Blick or Jerry's Artarama. -- But even these quickly lose their shape and get funky. 

I am going to make a brush holder & buy some brush dip because I think I do wash my brushes too much (after each use with oil soap...)

What are other folks' experiences with brush care and what are your favorite brush brands?


  • Hi there! and welcome :)
    Personally I use rosemary & Co brushes
    They may seem a bit 'expensive' but the quality and the use you get out of them makes up for any initial expense.
    I use Turpenoid Odorless turpentine substitute for the initial excess rinse and then give the brushes a good clean using Chelsea Classic Studio Lavender and Olive Oil soap (which smells amazing by the way!)
    I'm sure others have their own ways and fave brushes.
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