Last Round, "Utolsó Kör" (Hun) - 80x45cm (31x17 inches)

I am finally finished with my biggest project I've ever done...

I wanted to push myself, and with this painting I have achieved just that. Despite the fact that this picture has way more errors than good executions I can still feel that my goal has been achieved, which is portraying a composition I envisioned with the character movements I wanted. Every painting I do teaches me a lot of different things and this time is no different. I couldn't point to an area of the image where there is not a single error glaring back at me, but I can sleep well knowing I will be better equipped the next time I grab my brush.

I have a great admiration for the old masters as well as modern day artists, like the photographer Annie Leibovitz, and so I decided to paint the character on the left in a similar fashion as it was shown in Caravaggio's Cardsharps as a tribute.



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