Mobile view / Desktop view?

Does anyone know how to switch from desktop view to mobile view?


  • I think I’ve found it.  I think it must be a web browser setting .  
    In a mobile device there are two ‘a’s AA and if I select that I see I can change between the full desktop view or the mobile view.  The mobile view is way easier to navigate on the site.  Everything fits properly in mobile view.
  • This is my problem too. My first day here, and I was perusing all the menus, and I clicked on full desktop site in the mobile drop down and now I'm stuck there. There doesn't seem to be an option to go back to the mobile site in the full site layout. I followed GTOs hint and found the AA thing, for me it was a device setting and that just changes the font size in every part of the device. Is there a menu command to go back to the mobile site?

    I've signed out, restarted the phone, gone back to the link in the email, and every time I get here it remembers that I chose full desktop site. 
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    @ed_humpal I think if you select that AA in the title bar of your web brower you will get the choice for Mobile or Desktp view there. 
  • @GTO thanks for giving me the faith to keep at it. For future artists, here is my unsuccess work around.  I have a pretty cheap Samsung, from a pretty cheap provider, Cricket. I guess there are dozens of android kernels out there running all kinds of devices. I went over the Chrome browser settings again and again, before and after your answer, but not for the first time I find that my browser just doesn't have the functionality that it would have in a bigger, more robust device. So no A-a setting, except the one for the whole device, as mentioned. Then it dawned on me that Samsung had a browser of its own onboard, that came with the phone, just like Chrome came in the Google bundle. So I opened that, signed in, and that browser went straight to the mobile site. So all I have to do is use the Samsung browser to get here, though I use Chrome for everything else. Now I can say this site is so cool it gets it's own dedicated browser!  I have a twitch in me wanting to call out the web design for a missing, or at least hidden, way to go from desktop to mobile on a mobile device, but really the problem was with my starving artist phone, if better phones can just snap their fingers and do it. Thanks again!
  • Enter the button F12 and thenclick on mobile icon, same you can go to desktop click on desktop icon. 
  • I had the same problem, stuck in desktop mode.

    I then found a feint grey "Return to mobile" at the very bottom of my screen. One tap on it and joy!

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