Master copy of Don Sebastian de Morra or "El Primo" after D. Velazquez

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Hi again all, I hope everyone's been well and keeping busy with their brushes! I had been wanting to make a copy of this portrait for a long time and finally worked up the nerve to try it some months ago. I didn't work alla prima on this one because I wanted it to look a little more solid than my usual work. I didn't study up on Velazquez' method as I should have but just went ahead and painted it in a couple of layers,working with thick paint over the leaner under painting. I suspect Velazquez used glazes in his work but I avoided that process here. I wasn't too thrilled with the results as the print I was working from was not a high quality print. Oh well, it was a fun experiment and I learned a few things along the way. Hope you like it. Any feedback will be much appreciated, thanks!  


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