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Hi,I use a Sienna lg pochade box now. I like it a lot, but I'm not inlove with it. I'm looking at a lg u-go new wave box, it looks good and is lighter than the Sienna.  I'm also thinking of a sienna or Guirilla panel holder that mounts to my tripod. If I go this rout ,I'll also need a Guirilla campaign box to mount under tha panel holder. Any one have any knowledge of these products. pro and con. Thank you.


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    Here’s a link to a discussion on this in September, a good few ideas in there.

    I also posted the equipment I recently bought, though I have not yet been out to get down to some plein air
  • Thank you. It's on my list.
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    Thank you all. Right now I'm leaning towards a Sienna panel board holder with a tripod mount, and a Guerilla campaign box . Not really a whole lot of weight savings . But I like the idea of the set up.  One of the artist I follow on you tube uses a set up like this.  I like theIdea of doing away with the weight of a pochade box on top of the tripod.
  • I bought the u-go new wave lg box. Very light, so far so good. Thanksall.
  • Good morning.  I have accumulated the Sienna panel holder as well as Sienna, Guerilla and Mabef pochades. I also have the Flex Easel, French Companion and a couple assorted homebuilt contraptions (cigar box or foamcore)... I love and use them all! Where and when they are used depends not only on the medium I'm using, but also my mode of transportation, which is either by bike, atv, canoe, tractor, horse, truck or on foot. The U-Go looks really nice, too. It's so light..

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    I went with the u-gp lg box, it is light. I'm going out this Sat for some painting time and will try it out. Right now I'm loving it. 
  • The gear is moving really fast at this point, and I think a lot of the options from even a few years ago are kinda out of date.

    What I use is a separate easel that mounts to a tripod.  I make my own, it is an improved version of the Prolific Painter model, which is the best you can buy and very reasonable.

    Then a palette box is good, but better if it does not try to be a panel holder also.  A vertical palette seems to be the current direction, and you can add that to the PP above, or you can use a box like the Gurney or the copies.

    If you do that, a Thomas Jefferson Kitts shelf is good when you have your own gear, and there are things of that sort sold, and Kitts supplies instructions. 

    It is also nice in some cases to be able to attach a sight size grid.  I kinda feel that is moving in the too much gear direction, but they do help with sight size.  Mcgurl sells those, but I made one out of plywood.

    I live in Canada, and I can't buy a lot of this stuff, and I would buy it if I could.  So I make it.  And if I have to make it, I might as well improve it.

  • If you build around a system it makes it a lot easier to do workshops, or test out new ideas.  Because the parts are optimized, but also can be set up in any configuration.  So I got my gear set up for this year.  And no sooner was it finalized, than I discovered a sight size painter.  Well, I wanted to try it and so I need to make the panel at eye level, and I don't want to have to mix up there...  It is way higher than what one gets with a regular tripod (I am 73 inches).  But with my system I can set the panel wherever I want, and the palette, and shelf, etc...  And when one looks at blogs one finds people are adapting their gear to do these things.
  • If you look at the Gurney box, that a lot of people are copying, it is optimized for his notebooks.  Using clamps to hold "panels" makes sense if your surface is a book, that needs to be held open.  It doesn't make any sense with panels for oil painting.  So even the best boxes like Strada, have had to branch out into the separate panel holder and palette box systems.  I did use the Gurney system for oil painting my first year, and it did work.  There are just better ways.  Modular.
  • Thank you all. I went with The u-gp lg box. very light. Trying it out this weekend.
  • Let us know how you got on @Hunter1
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