What could be done to make the expressions happier and cheerful? Kindly guide.


  • I don't know much about horses so probably don't have much to offer. But I think we read horses' body language more than their faces.
    I think that their mains don't look right. They look too thick, neat and fluffy like toy horses. Their tails are too neat. When I think of a horse running with a sense of joy and freedom the hair of the tail and main is a bit wild, tossed about by the air and their motion. If you google horses running you will see how it falls.
    Also, the sun is coming from the other side, so how are they so well lit? I picture the sun backlighting the main and across their bodies.
  • @Abstraction Thanks a lot for the suggestions. Rightly pointed out the issues, will change. This is without any particular reference pic. Initially I made the horses according to the light source but the client wants them to be brighter. 😊 anyway thanks a lot 
  • @Soumyajit You are serving your client, so you will know what is needed.
  • You have chosen a subject most would shy away from.   You are brave.

    What Abstraction has to say is relevant

    I think due to the fact that each horse has some quite distinctive conformation flaws, the overall effect becomes a little bit cartoonish rather than being an elegant fantasy style work, which I am presuming is the aim?   I am sorry if I am wrong.

    I would concentrate on getting the shape of each head correct, also the shoulders, necks, chests, legs, stifles, flanks,  hooves, rumps etc,,, would appear more realistic by giving the correct shape to each and putting muscles, bones and tendons in the right places.   A millimetre out of place for a bone or tendon can be life or death to a horse painting.
    Once the bone structure of each head is resolved correctly, the eyes are put in the correct positions and are the right size, the areas of shadow are put into the correct places on the planes of the head, neck, legs etc, as well as the manes and tails fixed, the client should be very happy with this.

    Since this is a fantasy picture, and you say the lighting is not going to work in a realistic fashion, I would also get rid of the grey shadows you have scattered around under some of the legs.    They are neither one thing or the other.

    Horses can be tricky to draw and paint correctly.  An intimate knowledge of their anatomy (as with drawing any animal) is vitally important to pull the whole thing off in a way the viewer relate to.   It is like drawing a human and having the nose or eyes or ears a fraction in the wrong place.   Or the thumb being the same length as the fingers or having an ankle bone too high up a leg by a centimetre ,,,,it just does not work and the viewer is consequently unsettled.

    I hope you are able to resolve your issues and both you and your client are happy with your end results.  I hope you share the finished work on here also.
  • @toujours thanks a ton for your valuable inputs and ideas. Really enriching 🙏
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