From Olmsted Georgia Plein Air Competition

I was selected as one of 35 artists from Georgia to be part of the Olmsted's Georgia Color Plein Air painting competition last week.  It was held on St Simons Island here in Georgia.  We had 2 1/2 days to paint and turn in two paintings for competition plus as meny others as we could complete. We also were allowed to bring up to six paintings for display and sale.  

Here's a link to the event's catalogue of our library and competition paintings.  Looks for mine under Michael Strickland.  There's and index in the front.

Georgia Color Plein Air Exhibition 2021 (

None of mine sold or won anything, but I managed to get some paintings done that were worth submitting.  This was my first competition and I let the pressure get to me.  On one hand, I am pleased to have been part of this event, but on the other hand, am discouraged that I couldn't do a better job.  I'm not a fast painter and am not sure I'm cut out for this sort of event.

Attached are the three paintings i did during the event.

One is a scene over the marsh looking toward Sea Island.  This was actually the view from the deck of the house we rented for the week.

The second is of an old cabin that was used as a cafe from 1947 to 1978.  I painted it in sepia to try to depict the age of the building.  

I did a third that I did not submit of the moonrise as it looked from the deck of our rental cabin.

This was fun but at the same time very stressful!  



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