Wolves inside the wave

Hi all hope you are all well

The pieces I have been posting lately are all recent-ish works i have completed but just didn't find the time to post them anywhere

I have done quite a few commissions this year and will get around to posting them in due course. I am enjoying the challenges that commissions bring and feel they are beneficial in my learning experience as i feel you are duty bound to produce the best painting you can in the given time frame.

This one was for another fellow angler of a pair of sea bass hunting prey down inside the crest of a rolling wave and is my 1st attempt at painting fish and certainly won't be my last I am sure!

I feel relatively happy with the result as the client was absolutely made up with it.

He sent a few pics to me of its new home and what a beautiful new home it has too, fitting right in as though it was always meant to live there!

I hope you enjoy <3


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