The Quest

Test print of the newest linocut titled "The Quest". What do you think? How could I imptove it? I am not very happy with the outcome but I have tried something new am I glad that I got courage to try something new.



  • @Datura

    She has a serene confidence about her, a sort of calm rationality mixed with the sublime direct gaze of a mind open to face, to see, and to understand reality... nothing less is demanded of one seeking knowledge.

    The quest indeed. 

    She's beautiful.
  • I almost didn’t get the flower in her hair.  
    Her pupils appear too dark or large, I’m not sure. 
    Why is the title not centered? 
    I like the maze in her heart area.
    the outlines on her chest almost looks like a map of the globe.  And I thought maybe this is about the quest to heal the planet or maybe solve climate change challenge.
    Technically it looks excellent.  Your skills at linocuts is masterful.
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