Master copy, Original by Viligiardi, demo video

edited November 2021 in Drawing
Hello everyone,

Again, i have a master copy to share. Its 8 2/8" x 20 3.8" on  toned Mi-tientes paper. The paper probably wasn't the best for this drawing as i couldn't address the softness in the transitions without taking away from the darks. The roma would have been better. The original was drawn by Arturo Viligiardi. I saw a copy of it at the atelier and wanted to have my own. Its so fun to do these copies as the lighting, gestures, simplification of form and values is already done by the master, even if you go very wrong while working it cant be that bad. Like a safety net :) I think i've grown too fond of this safety net and should do some of the real deal. I'm out of all figure drawing pictures anyway.

Drawing a face was something i dread and all this atelier training, master copying was intended towards having the confidence and training for drawing portraits. I've been also been working towards this end with a totally different approach the result of which I'll share mid Nov  ;)

Oh and I also recorded video of the whole drawing process for this one. If its a good compilation I'll upload it on youtube and share here too.

Thank you in advance for looking, commenting, critiquing.




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