Beachy Head commission

Evening all

Posting another recent work this evening as I am struggling to sleep much the last few days due to having my turn with the dreaded covid 19 virus thing.

I am doing ok but it certainly isnt something to take too lightly as anyone that has had it knows only too well!

I certainly cant complain though as we all know how many have paid the ultimate price for this unfair situation so god willing I will be ok soon enough fingers crossed.

This commission was painted for a fellow angler of the famous landmark beachy Head which is local to him.

I really enjoyed working on this one as I didn't really encounter much hardship or problem areas with it within reason and it seemed to go fairly smoothly for a change! The reference pic was shot by him on a very early summer hazy dawn with the ambient light reflecting as orange against the cliff faces and the moon just faintly still visible.



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