Help with setup please.

Would like some feedback about using this setup for a painting.  Thanks in advance.


  • My eyes go to the bottom left corner rather than the objects. Maybe you can crop or alter the placement of the cloth?
  • The table feels like it is tilted.
  • I like the items, but am not a fan of the abrupt line created between them and the folded/bunched  tablecloth.  Yes, the table does look tilted.
    I like the shadows, perhaps you could make more of them?
  • Some rotation and cropping. I like the idea of this still life. The reason for the crop was to focus the viewer on the story not the supporting stuff.
    There seems to be some lens distortion on the coffee pot. Moving the iron might help solve this. The fabric between the coffee grinder, pot and iron could be better resolved. 
    When I do a setup like this I carefully map it out with alternative and shoot at least 3 options. I ponder it for some time. pick the favorite then adjust til it's 'right'. This is almost right.

  • Kingston is right, I think.  His slight rotation and tighter crop helps.  Move the iron an inch or so get the benefit of an echo between the shape of the iron and spout on the pot.
  • @oilpainter1950, it's a nice colour scheme. I love the blue border of the cloth and the cooler teal of the coffee/tea pot. The suggestions above re slight adjustments  sound right to me.  :)
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