How to draw lines on ref photo in Photoshop Lightroom

Hello all, I have a question on how to use Photoshop Lightroom to draw lines on a reference photo before I print and laminate it.  I want the horizontal line and vertical line on the reference photo to utilize my proportional divider for sketching my subject on the canvas.
Thx, Phil


  • Does anyone else use their proportional divider on a reference photograph?
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    I think there is probably a better trick that someone will share. I use photoshop not lightroom so apologies if it isn't the same.
    I firstly insert gridlines where I want them. They're easy to move around if i choose. But they don't print.
    I then create a new layer and use the drawing tool with a brush /colour I want. I click on the start of my gridline, hold down shift (windows) and then click on the other end of the gridline. It will draw a straight line that can be printed.
    But hoping someone else has an easier method.
  • I do something very similar in Affinity Photo, @Abstraction, but with the pen tool. You could just use a pen and ruler to draw the lines on by hand before laminating but it's very precise when you do it in your image editor before printing.
  • pcstaples said:
    Does anyone else use their proportional divider on a reference photograph?
    Oh yes.

    Proportional dividers are great normally, but they are perfect for this. Don't have to hold it at a consistent arm's length or worry about whether I'm sitting closer to or farther from the subject.  Whether drawing or painting to different scales or not, I always keep one side as my "clean" side and use it right on the reference photo.

    Yep, it's great.
  • I assume you also have PhotoShop if you have Lightroom. In Lightroom; Photo/Edit <select available photoeditor>,

    I would not laminate. I use a spray clear acrylic sealer. Works great. Use few coats let dry for a few minutes. I use the same process for giclee prints. 
    Proportional dividers are perfect for scaling from sketches or photos. Mask shows an old measuring trick using the dividers to transfer angles. 

  • Thanks all!  Wonderful tips and suggestions.  I really appreciate it!  I got what I was asking for and more.  It turned out I also learned that Mark Carder has a video where he specifically walks through all the usages he recommends for Photoshop and Lightroom, including snapping the lines on the reference or source photo that I'm asking about 
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