A new eye

I had a cataract removed and a new lens I’mplanted. Wow! It’s a new world of color. I can read without my glasses. It’ll be a couple of week for healing. I have to wear sunglasses in bright spot so painting is on hold. 


  • Oh wow!

    I am booked in for the same in mid November, as well as an operation to my other eye which was the one I had the bleed in recently.
    I just ordered a pair of +3 bifocal safety glasses today.    Does this mean I can cancel my order?

    Thanks for giving me something to look forward to.  Looking forward to seeing your new paintings as they happen.
  • @toujours
    I had only one eye done and don't wear my glasses most of the time. I still need astigmatism corrected. After a month I get new glasses.
  • Congrats! When you heal properly...get new paints that you haven't tried yet! ;
  • @kaustavM
    My colors all look different already. Very pure. Titanium white is white not cream.
  • @kaustavM
    My colors all look different already. Very pure. Titanium white is white not cream.
    @KingstonFineArt how wonderful! Oil paint become white from yellow under sunlight. Strangely your eyes are behaving similarly!  :)
  • @kaustavM
    Today I was doing some ceramics. The colors are so vibrant now!
  • @KingstonFineArt ceramics? pottery? or painting on ceramic surface? what do you paint with on ceramics?
  • My surgery is 2 weeks away.

    I have not noticed I am losing colour perception, so will be interested to see if I am able to distinguish subtle colour changes afterwards.
    My main problem is the lack of focus and seeing treble if not more of whatever I am trying to focus on, with one eye in particular.
  • Congratulations @KingstonFineArt !  It's amazing isn't it?  

    I had mine done a couple of years ago and had the same experience!  It was fun to compare eyes in between surgeries to see the before and after color differences.

    It's been a coupld of weeks now since you had it done.  Is the eye healing properly?
  • My mother got it done last year and it's incredible - she doesn't need glasses for reading anymore and in general can see better than I :)
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    Congratulations @KingstonFineArt that's awesome! You are also, so very, very fortunate!

    In the province where I live, eye care and issuing of new glasses have been on hold, withdrawn for 1+1/2 years now, with no resolve in the near future, most of us are on provincial insurance here. The alternative is to pay cash rather than through provincial insurance, is unlawful with very heavy fines (well in the $1000's) to accompany. My only chance and I'm very fortunate, I can go across the border to the next province just a short walk a way, and get the eye care that I need, for cash with no penalties! Most of us here get issued our new eye glasses every 3x years, some of us are very well overdue. And when things finally resume in a new normal once again, there will be an enormous backlog of a very long list of eye care to take place.
    -How really bizarre!

    I'm still quite ok for now but certainly not great at this time! But I can still paint & enjoy it! Haha! ;)=)

    Btw, eat lots & lots of blueberries (the tiny "wild blueberries")! Haha!!
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