St Procopius' Basilica at sunset WIP

This project started long time ago -  I wanted to create a large format and also try everything from the beginning  myself - assemble the frame, stretch the canvas, layered Acrylic gesso, grind to smooth ..
as a topic I chose St Procopius' Basilica at sunset .. It´s in our city and it is an Unesco monument.
I spent aprox. 20hours by making space arrangement of buildings and sky painting .. I was very exhausted from it and I was already losing hope that I could finish it. That was aproxim. 2 years ago.

I´ve returned to this topic in the last month and repainted lower part of the sky ..
Now I have this  ..

It´s Oil on canvas 140x100cm. My biggest format yet.
Now after 3 years of my painting journey it goes little bit faster but still not so fast I wish :) And mainly not so good I wish - But it's fun so what.. :)
Basilica building should be done but I feel it´s to contrast - so I mute it little .. the other houses/buildings in the middle and in the foreground are not finished just outlined..

If you have any comments, tip, hint, warning, critique, encouragement .. go on !



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