• Or, as I have previously titled similar works

    A Polar Bear In A Snow Storm With Its Eyes Shut.
  • You could also call it “ my white wall “.

    it was clever , though , and got some attention to the cause .
  • The whole post-modern thing for me is like announcing that rock and roll is a new form of music that only cool people understand. Very mid last century. Yeah, we get it. There were some really great examples in almost every type of art, though. Movies ("Memento" was good), visual arts, novels ("if on a winter's night a traveller") that play with perception. Sometimes they just appear to say, art is anything I say it is.  I think the power in the shock value or just playing with our perception is gone, so for me, to be art, it needs to really say something on its own merit - and that can include post-modern input.
    For me, this one didn't. I thought Bansky's self-destructing painting did - because it happened at the most respected heart of the industry' of money-making, mid-auction.

  • @Abstraction,

    I found the irony of the fact that Banksy`s self-destructing painting vastly increased in price/value afterwards amusing.

  • The Newfields museum in Indianapolis does it one better.  In the contemporary wing you walk into a dimly lit room and across the room is what appears to be a large wall sized grayish monochromatic painting.  
    When you walk up to it you realize that you are looking into another space.  There is no painting at all.  You can reach out and put your hand through “the painting”. 
    I’ve gone into that room many times and the effect thrills me every time. Very cool.
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