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Hey there,
I've shared my skintones palette on my instagram. Find me on instagram.


  • Says the page I'm looking for is not found.  After scrounging in the portraiture world for about 30 years, I was relieved and gratified that, as the years rolled on, my flesh palette got simpler.   Rembrandt Perm Madder Deep, Yellow ocher, Ivory black, flake white.  Occasionally a little cobalt blue or viridian.  Works great.
  • Mine is nearly the same!
    The name is not really a link, you just have to search it in instagram by that name.
  • When I clicked it , it went right to your Instagram account 
  • @Annie It's because I changed it. 
    Thank you.
  • Is there a reason you can't put it up in here?  I have no interest in instagram.   If you had put it here, I may have taken a mild curiosity.   
  • @hassibnoorial, I don't do Instagram see I won't get to see your skintones palette so I can't comment on it.  :/
  • Your palette mixes some nice skin tones!  It looks like you modified the Zorn palette by adding raw umber to it.  

    My instructor uses raw umber, but I seem to have a very difficult time mixing with it.  I can see where it would make a nice addition to the Zorn palette though.  I'll try experimenting with it some.

    My first successful portrait was done using the palette Mark teaches.  

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    The reason I cant post it in here is that it's a video posted on my instagram. In the video I explain how I mix with them.
    Also I dont spend too much time in here, cause I use my phone all time and there is no app for this forum for smartphones and I'm not used to working with browser.
    My palette consists flake white, light red, yellow ochre, raw umber and ivory black all from winsor and newton.
    @mstrick96 yes, I also like to use red umber from old holland instead of light red sometimes. Also, raw umber is the most friendly orange/brown. Add a touch of light red to it and you'll get burnt umber.

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