The black and white story so far……


A new white based on calcium carbonate that reflects 95.5% of the light.
Also a new black that absorbs 99.995% of the light.

Scientists Claim This New Paint Is the Whitest White Ever Made—and It Could It Help Combat Global Warming | Artnet News



  • Very interesting.  Thanks for sharing.

    At this point in my painting journey, one of my greatest weaknesses is getting to the bright white too quickly.  I need to darken my darks a lot.  

    To me, if I do a painting right, the pure white on my painting should positively radiate with light.  If I get to pure white to soon and it doesn't mean a whole lot once on the painting, it means I've done something wrong with the darks.

    All that to say, a brighter white paint is the last thing I need right now.  I'd rather be able to masterfully make the white I have stand out.
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