please help me with your feedback.


  • Hi Nisha, welcome to the forum!

    You have a very beautiful style of painting!  I love the way you bring about reflections and texture.  

    My critique is on the spoon in the last painting.  Perhaps it starts the yellow glow section to early up the spoon?

    We're so glad you're here to work on painting, all I ask is that you comment and give feedback on others' paintings here when you can. :)

  • Welcome to the forum @Nisha! your paintings are beautiful, love all of them, my favourite are the gramophone and the cute little  guy :)
  • Hello and welcome @Nisha, lovely work.

    My favourites are the gramophone and the coffee pot.

  • I like them all, @Nisha. The tricycle is my favorite. I love the composition and brushwork. 

    Welcome to the forum.  :)  
  • Those are amazing.  Wonderful subjects.

    My two comments are:

    1) I found my eye drawn to the background in all but the gramophone, and some of the backgrounds are spectacular.  I worry that the backgrounds are the focal point.

    I love the fan.  The surface it is sitting on is great, but the lighter background areas particularly around the fan, draw my eye away from what is a really amazing rendering of a fan.

    2)  I couldn't follow the reflected light and it's source in the coffee pot picture (that wall is gorgeous, but distracting).  But I don't understand those things well enough to know if that is just me.

    3)  Now looking at the tricycle, It seems to be floating.  I would say the gramophone and the coffee seem to be on the stuff they are supposed to be sitting on, and the other three (less so the fan), appear a little detached.  And the wild surfaces that are painted around the subjects, not under them, might account for some of that.

    Just my impressions on some lovely work.

  • You have a unique and beautiful style. I actually require a different 'hat' in terms of style to find words to comment. Because you're not doing realism or tonalism but something else.
    Texture: You weave the impasto brushstrokes around in a way that's reminiscent of Vincent (not the same though) - it's like a dance of brushstrokes that create a mood or a feel. It's like emotion in brushstroke. The texture is prominent in the same way that background music can step forward in a movie. You actually use it to pull the eyes back into the painting and to complement the subject.
    Objects: The objects are familiar and you beautifully utilise the textures - the way colours or light dance on metal or plastic or wood. They are the statements within the texture. The subject. 
    Design: I'm not strong in design at all - but your use of shapes, direction, space, form - really works.
    Colour: observation and use of colour creates really vivid moments where it's needed.
    Value: You have an eye for values - the gramophone is the only one where the timber looks a little light but I think it's just the photo because the brushstrokes are catching light. Generally thin darks help to avoid light being caught on them - I think i see you have smooth dark brushtrokes to avoid that.
    Subjects: Evocative. Of the past. Of childhood. Of experience. I love them all except the Air India one - subject and execution isn't as strong. (Maybe because I mostly fly Qantas.  =) And IndiGo is my go-to airline in India.)

  • Hello!
    I really like the paintings, especially first, second and last.
    I agree with tamdeal,
    The background in the tricycle is drawing the attention, and it does look like its floating.
    I like you painting style, would like to see more of your paintings! 
  • Hi, I like your choice of objects, a good theme, and a nice style.   I agree with what has been said about some objects needing to be a bit more grounded and the background coming forward in some works, but overall, you should be pleased with your results.    It is refreshing to see a defined style to your work.
  • Nice, very well done!
  • Thank you all for your comments..I appreciate the time you have taken to observe and ´write down each point. I would definitely keep them in mind for my next paintings
  • all great. i think you over do a little with the big brush strokes on the bicycle and the coffee.
  • What I like so much about the tricycle is that it seems to jump out of the canvas at me. This effect is a function of the composition and the bold brushwork. I would try to keep this quality in future paintings.  :)
  • Awesome works dear Nisha. You have amazing gift!
  • great paintings, I like your backgrounds very much.
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