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Here’s a wood carving I did many years ago out of a wedge from a black walnut tree that a friend gave me. Anyone else do any wood carving or bronze (or stone, etc) sculpture? Or other crafts for that matter? 



  • very beautiful. I'm not a sculptor but carving is I feel is very tough hence attractive way of making things. I also like the color that appeared after applying the lacquer.
  • That's really beautiful @HondoRW! there is some kind of energy coming thru it :)
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    It's a strong sculpture, @HondoRW. Beautiful !   I wouldn't know where to begin to create something like that out of a chunk of wood.  His features are wonderful. :)
  • HondoRW

    Nice work on the wood carving.

    If you use the Search Box in the top right hand corner using the word ‘sculpture’ a page of returns will show any DMP involvement. There is even a small relief sculpture I formed from bubble wrap and plaster bandages.

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    Thanks @kaustavM @ArtGal @tassieguy and @dencal. Very kind. 
    Denis- I’ll check out your bandage and bubble wrap sculpture. Sounds interesting!  =)
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    Some beautiful found material sculptures here:

    When local artist Peter Rush made just a simple horse from driftwood and natural materials he found on a Terrigal beach in March 2020, the response from the locals was so positive and encouraging he decided to keep on going. During the Covid pandemic, Peter has created 36 extraordinary sculptures from mythical creatures and prehistoric predators to Antarctic sea birds, war horses and prehistoric mammoths! It’s a good thing Johanna is catching up with Peter tonight, because his sculptures are built to give joy in the moment and then get reclaimed by the ocean tides.



  • that is such a great piece of work! you should definately do more of them! do share if you have...
  • Very impressive sculpture @HondoRW.
    I am afraid it puts my attempt at wood carving last year to shame.  I will take a photo in a day or so....

    I have done a few sculptures as gifts, made of chicken wire, but unlike many chicken wire sculptures in galleries, I use old stretched, partly rusty wire and I only make whimsical suggestive animals.   I do not try to reproduce the entire figure as some people do.  Here are a couple of wire sculptures I have done of cats, a koala and a hare.  The koala was not complete when I took the photo, sorry.  The hare was my first attempt with wire after my pet hare of 8 years died.  I do not know if there would be a market for them?  The penguin is mounted on a block of wood and casts shadows on the wall.   It is small.   the others are a little over life size.

    I live in limestone country and have done a very few stone carvings.   Our limestone can be cut with a handsaw or even sanded with sandpaper.   It is very easy to work with.    I have mainly carved headstones for any of my pets I have had to bury over the years, and made objects for my garden.

    It is fun making things from nothing all the time.   If not doing art, I have been known to restore furniture, horse carts, etc...  I love working with wood, but only know enough to be dangerous!

    It is satisfying learning new things, like plastering when renovating a house, and then playing around with that new skill in unusual ways, such as putting plaster relief mice along the bottom of a wall or other silly things like that.

    Sometimes, it is a way of procrastinating and avoiding real "work".   I will have a project to finish and will get waylaid when whatever I am supposed to be doing, becomes second fiddle to some silly arty thing that catches my attention.  I have to limit myself quite strictly, or not let that side take over or nothing useful would ever get achieved around here!

    I always wanted to learn how to sculpt and would love to do a bronze one day.  I envy people who have the facilities and talent for that art form.  

    @dencal, I love when my sister sends me photos of Pete Rush's works!

  • Thanks @dencal. I’d never heard of Peter Rush. He does amazing work. 
    Thanks @anwesha. You’re very kind. 
    Thank you @toujours. I like the chicken wire sculptures! And your plaster and trim work must be very interesting  :)
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