"The Hallway to the Stairs" Oil/Canvas, 30" x 24"

Canvas is covered and I'm open to suggestions/critiques. I'm aware that some of the window panes are a little wonky, especially the top right, and I will try to fix that. I also struggled with getting the values I wanted because my cell phone photo was not properly exposed. After several passes, and lots of layers of paint, I'm feeling much better about them, but again, open to suggestions about that.  Thanks for looking! :) 



  • Love it @Bucky! Strong sense of  perspective combined with muted colors  make it look very attractive. I for one want to look around the corner where the stairs are leading :)
  • Excellent painting.  I like the mood.  Very cool.  What do you mean by lots of layers?  Are you painting transparent layers over under paint?
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    I love this, @Bucky. The composition and the warm colours are beautiful. And I love the geometry that ties it all together. The 'feel' is in keeping with the style you have been developing -- an austere, calm beauty. 
  • Another of your classics @Bucky, and again for me there is a tinge of eeriness.

    I am unsure if I want to go down that hall and up the stairs but my curiosity says otherwise.

  • Love the composition and the straight lines! especially i like the straight-ness of the architecture against the enveloping softness of the lamplight. I think the painting is perfect as it is. But if you were to add anything to it(may be by just editing the image on your phone first too see if you like it) I wish you would enhance the cool and warmth of the shadow and light falling areas respectively, like on the rug or the shadow line on the wall below the window. Test to see if you like the effect on your phone.

    Also i really like the wooden wall behind the lamp.. the lamplight falling on it causing a gradation of light on that wall....there's both a play of light and dark values there's also a play of warm and cool that i love. I wonder if such a gradation would be on the right wall as well (not as stark ofcourse) since the right wall looks all of the same value (probably it is so in the reference photo :D )

    Another something i notice now looking at the floor (which like i said before , probably is so in the reference and that's why in the painting). Since the light of the lamp is warm, the floor where the lamp light is falling should be warm too (in front of the door), but its not. Is it because of the reflection from the blue snow? How interesting! Like i said really interesting composition :)

  • Thanks very much @ArtGal. Really appreciate it 
  • Thank you very much @GTO. Yeah, in some instances I did a bit of transparent over under paint but mostly completely coming in with another color altogether and changing it completely. The interior was way too light in value my first go around. 
  • Thank you very much @tassieguy I'm glad it all comes together for you. I'm also glad to hear I have a style emerging :) 
  • Thanks @MichaelD Really appreciate it.  Only thing up the stairs is a couple of bedrooms and a bathroom :) 
  • Thank you very much @anwesha Those are very good notes to point out and I will definitely take that into consideration. I especially agree that the wall opposite the barn wood wall could use some more fluctuation in value. Thanks again! :) 
  • @Bucky. I find your work fascinating and subtle.  It would be very cool to see a group of them together at a showing.  
  • really nice perspective!
  • Agree with @GTO.  You certainly have a style and are a master at atmosphere in your paintings.  I'm happy about this one.  You handled the shadows on the wall and floors really well.

    Really excellent!
  • Thank you, @Allie I'm glad you think it works! I honestly wasn't so sure it would work when I started out.
  • Thank you so much, @allforChrist Really appreciate it! 
  • I always like your paintings. They make me ask questions like why is this place so **** clean!  No socks, shoes, hats, , no  dust bunnies.  It's surreal.  Looking forward to the next one.
  • Wow. What perspective! Paintings can be really powerful when they punch a hole in a wall and create dimension like that. 
    Beautifully executed. I also love the fascinating combination of lightings to create a mood, a time of day.
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    I really like it.  The apparently mundane subject is transformed by close observation and becomes mysterious.  I especially like the abstract scene outside the window that so nicely breaks up the symmetry.  The colour scheme is pleasing also and the one lamp just perfect.
  • This is a really interesting subject and it certainly leads you into it.
    I like the mood.
    You mention difficulty with the window.   Perhaps it appears wider at the top than the bottom?  It is like swinging a door, the hinges at the bottom are higher off the floor, than the hinges at the top are down from the architrave.    This is because when we look down from a standing position it evens them out.   Perhaps a similar thing is happening with the window?    
  • Thanks vey much, @oilpainter1950. I tidy up before interior shots :) 
  • Thank you very much, @Abstraction. Really appreciate it. Capturing "atmosphere and mood" is mentioned in part of my artist statement, so I'm glad to hear you feel that conveyed :) 
  • Thank you so much, @Gary_Heath. I'm really glad to hear that you like the window scene as I wasn't too sure about how that would turn out. 
  • Thank you @toujours Yes, I believe the biggest problem is that it's wider at the top, especially the right side tends to tilt out a bit to the right. Very interesting analogy about a door is viewed. I am going to spend the day trying to fix that up a bit. 
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