A portrait and a snake work in progress

Working on this painting here, nearly all has had a second layer except for the lower arm, snake and clothing. Please excuse the glare. Looking for some thoughts as well as possible improvements for this piece!


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    Looking good! My only suggestion is to chop off the right hand side behind the person and maybe a little of the left hand space as well.  Personally I find the extra space a little distracting and takes away from the intimacy/immediacy of the story/interaction of the protagonist(s).

    I've never actually physically cut a canvas though....

    PS - Did you know that snakes (in most world mythologies) are good, they represent life!  In life, they are able to shed death (its skin) and be reborn. We go through those transformations... shedding our past selves and re-emerging... :)


    WRT to the piece...  I suppose a door is not only an exit ... but also an entrance onto a whole new place, especially if one has kept oneself closed behind it... life beckons, it lives in the unexplored places... in possibilities...
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    Oh, another self-portrait. But why not? It's an interesting painting, @tinafigartist. But the glare, and the fact that you have not done us the favor of cropping the photo  makes it difficult to give an appraisal. 

    BTW. have you ever considered providing feedback to others here? You get lots but give none. Just a thought.  :/
  • @tassieguy I do my best to give when I feel like I have something to say! 
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