First attempt at a pet 'portrait'

This is oil on canvas board. It's an iPad shot of a painting of a friend's curled-up much-loved dog 'Pappy' who died some time ago. The only photo reference I had was not good quality and showed Pappy laying on his owner's track-suited lap on a couch taken from some distance away so I decided to zoom-in and crop tightly because, apparently, he was quite a big dog that liked to curl-up tightly in a ball. There were some technical challenges especially around colour matching and representing facial features. Before I give the painting to my friend I'd welcome any comment. Thanks.   


  • Lovely depiction.  You really do a wonderful job painting the different values and color shifts within the face.  And the eyes are spot on.  
    Only thing that may or may not be an issue (hard to tell without source photo) is the proportion of the head to the rest of the body. 
  • Thanks for your kind comments Csontvary, and yeah I see what you mean and I'm second-guessing the crop. Anyway, here's the iphone reference I worked from. It was a case of painting what you see and I did check the proportions carefully. What do you think?
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    In helping with the proportions:

    I completely believe that you did the proportions correctly.  So, the thing that needs to be tweaked is most likely some values and how the depth of the back/neck area is coming across.

    The red line indicates the shape and bumps in the dogs skin/backbone.  Be sure to follow the shape/perimeter of the back right there.  I think it's a little too flat in your painting.

    The black box surrounds an area that I think may need to be lighter in your painting to suggest moving from the back area of the dog towards the neck, which leads to the head. (In order to get the depth right).

    @KingstonFineArt could probably help loads with this.
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