A Joyful Woman, 24 x 24 inches, oil on canvas

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This is a portrait of my girlfriend that I recently completed.  It’s my first human portrait as I focus mainly on landscapes and pet portraits here or there.  I probably could have done better on the face, but we had gone back and forth on it quite a few times, and she told me to finally put the brush down :)
Anyway, I’d be interested in hearing any input you may have for improving in the future.  Thanks. 


  • It's a lovely, painterly study - capturing a mood and a personality. It feels like a moment with an animated (meaning alive, not cartoon) person rather than a posed picture.
    Goodness. I know that back and forth thing. Painting my wife in bikini in recent seascape - she was watching those curves more closely than me for fine adjustments. And when I darkened the rocks behind her the first thing she saw was that I needed to darken her tan because it made her look pale. 
  • I like the atmosphere and soft colors of the painting.

    The face is fine, I think you just need to check the values on the middle of the nose.  It most likely needs to be way lighter.
  • @Abstraction haha I’m glad I’m not alone then!  Thanks so much for the kind words!
    @allforChrist Thank you also for the compliments. Yes, I think you’re right on the nose - it does need a greater value shift. We’ll see if we have the inclination to make any more edits at this point!

  • very nicely done! Love the soft light that you have painted. It would be easier to help you with capturing likeness if you posted a reference pic with your painting. That being said, I find that capturing a good likeness really starts with measurements. If you have your measurements done correctly, it is much easier for it all to fall into place. There are many different ways to do this; Personally, I have followed Yong Chen's technique for measurement and have found it very very good. Hope this helps!
  • @Allie  thank you for the kind words! I will check that Yong Chen technique. 
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