Landscape (Steep stream) Oil repainting

I went back to my failed painting and repainted it all again. At first it was plein-air painting, then repainted in the studio from reference photos, and to the third -  two sessions painting according to photographs and partly according to my imagination
.. It´s Oil on Canvas 60x45cm.
I won't repaint it anymore, but the painting suffers a lot from the fact that I didn't have a quality reference photo or didn't paint completly in plein-air. Any comment is welcome.

..The first painting was here ...


  • I love the transparency of the water in the foreground - stunning. And the atmospheric perspective creating that long, long reach into the distance where the light is falling. I love the single point of focus on the final fall and rocks beside it. And your use of texture
    If I am reading correctly the sun is just catching the stream and the right hand side. I'm only looking for a touch more in the stream - slightly more contrast and white in the foam - but that is probably the photo of the painting not capturing what you see.

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    An incredibly ambitious subject.  I'd like to paint something similar but have held off up to now out of fear!  The basic composition probably could have been re-designed somewhat.  You can always crop in on a photo, and it is invariably a good idea to do so.  Some of the value masses could have been broken up with a few highlights or colour variety, maybe?  I agree with Abstraction that the transparency of the water and perspective are successful.
  • I think you've done a great job with this, @Marik. I especially like the water in the foreground. and the composition is pleasing.

    Sometimes it's just not possible to complete a painting en plein air.  :)
  • Great job on the water @Marik

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    Thank you all for your comments - @Abstraction , @Gary_Heath , @tassieguy , @MichaelD.

    Yeah @Abstraction - Light source problem .. well yes - the sun is above and shine from right "corner" but in the mountain there is more obstackles on the way .. Must admit, I didn´t paint these light differences directly in the water, at first I intended to have one bank dark - cold values (the left one) and the right one with a warm sunlit values, later I changed it so it little bit mess and confusing.

    @Gary_Heath- I created a cat/dog here a bit (or I don't know how to write it in English - a hybrid picture)
    But in fact, it's training for next painting .. see what is working, what´s not working - What is needed for progress .. don´t be scared :) I'd like to encourage you to go for it -  The best for building color space is paint from plein-air, but it´s tricky if lighting conditions change literally from minute to minute.. Or have good reference photo. (not like mine from the phone )

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    @Marik, I am keen to see what you can do with your next one, having seen this.  Well done.

    Your cat/dog reference reminds me of a funny story that happened to me 30 odd years ago.....

    A friend of mine showed me a painting she had done of a cheeta which she had begun a few years earlier from a magazine picture,  She had recently gone back to finish the painting.   It was well enough painted, but was, well; Wrong.    It did not sit right at all.   It had the definite head and face of a Cheeta, the tail of a cheeta, and the spine of a cheeta, but the ribcage, chest and legs did not sit well with me at all.  My friend was miffed I did not think it seemed quite right, and she proudly flourished the resource photoat me.  To our amusement, what she had been using was a photo of a leopard!!!   Somehow, over the years, she had lost the original picture and thought the leopard one was the original.     she did see the funny side of it and kept the painting as it was as a reminder to herself to step back and look at what you paint, not just copy the photograph!!

  • Your water in the foreground is gorgeous! 
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