Minyirr: birthplace of three peoples

Minyirr: birthplace of three peoples. Oil on board, 91.5×56.5 cm
Minyirr means birthplace. To the Yawuru it is their place of creation, where, emerging from the sea, life was sung into existence, along with language groups, tribes, sacred law and culture. To be there is to experience a surround of textures, shapes and colours of rock stretching away or up close and focused; or where the shallows invite you to cool your feet, where the water distorts, plays with the colours and bends the light in flickerings. The cliffs wrap around the bay, intense colours are lit by sun, with the hint of vegetation beyond, the vault of big blue sky – and then the irresistible urge to stare out at the impossibly turquoise Arafura Sea. My wife is not the story, but immersed in something majestic and ancient. The experience of place.


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