WetCanvas is closing

Hi all,

Just learned that WetCanvas is going to be closing by the end of the year. Although not that much of a surprise to me there will be a lot of useful information I have found there that will disappear for good. I hope some of the artists who are there join DMP rather than have nowhere to go, but we will see what happens.


  • Hope that's not going to happen to DMP forum..
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    Yes, me, too,  @ArtGal. I'd be lost without this place.

    It's funny this should happen now @Richard_P.  I was at WetCanvas just last night checking it out. I'm a member there but have never participated or posted a painting. Now, if DMP ever closes, I really will have nowhere to go.

    I hope Mark never closes the DMP forum. It's my art school, my sounding board, my mirror, my art club ... I get so much out of this place and am very thankful for it. I hope that it attracts customers for Mark's products so that he doesn't close it.  :/

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