Hello everyone ,
Thanks for having me .

A little bit about myself , I suppose ?
I have started painting in October of last year (2020) as a way to focus on something else than grief ( shortly before , I lost my dad , brother and mom in april , may and July ). This isn’t what I want my introduction to be about but it is the main reason that I picked up my paint brushes so it’s important for me to mention . Painting has helped me greatly as well as getting a dog , who sleeps next to my easel most of the time . 

I can not stop painting . I mostly love painting pears. It just happened . I love everything about learning to paint and to see what I can do . I’m not a very good or even ok drawer and always figured that painting wasn’t for me , because of it . But as I go , I’m starting to feel good about it !

One of my Facebook paint group friends introduced me to Geneva paint and then I landed on the DrawMixPaint videos . I’m so grateful everyday for this . 

I moved from Amsterdam to ( near) San Francisco 10 years ago and I love hiking with my funny rescue dog Arnold here in the beautiful mountains and I’m mom to my sweet and hilarious 16 year old son who is now a highschool senior : another good reason to have painting.. as he’s flying out next year .

Recently I was allowed to hang up some paintings at the local coffee house and through there ,my doctor said I could hang some up in her office . I’m over the moon and sold a few . I still can not believe it . I never could have dreamed it . I don’t even think they’re good enough but starting to want this more and more . 

Well, that’s all I can think of for now .
I am looking forward to learning and sharing and I hope that , wherever you are , you’re having a good day .


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