Starry night

Oil on canvas board 20 x 18 inches,  whilst painting this I thought wouldn't it be great to have a glass of something to sip and drink in the view whilst gazing at the stars. 


  • I really like the picture, but I don't get the name. Who knew, there are three stages of twilight.  Civil is when the sun is 6 degrees below the horizon, and you can still see the ground without a light, but you can just see the stars.  Nautical is when the sun is 6-12 degrees below the horizon, you can't see the ground and would need a light, but stars are available for navigation, you can see the horizon barely, if it was available during the day.. 

    I would guess that is the poetry of civil twilight we have here.
  • Thanks for your scientific input, if I knew the person who took the photograph from which I painted from I would give you his details for you to give them your analytical comments , they may care, I don't. 
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