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I painted it this week, at the end I really liked it, but midway I was ready to throw it away. Still, I am not happy with the cloth, Oil on canvas panel, 25 x 30 cm.


  • The kettle is really good! For the cloth if you blend out some of the edges in one direction that's how you show a fold appearing.
  • i really like the kettle... painting cloth folds is tricky. What i do is not include every fold i see, but the ones i do, i spend time on each one of them, individually.  All folds need more than just a couple of values and it is essential to paint the cloth to be believable or it may shift the viewers focus from the actual subject. 
  • Great job on this.  I love looking at the kettle and enjoy the little blue and brown streaks on the bottom.  It perfectly gives that old paint peeling iron object atmosphere.

    My tips on cloth --  Save the lights for when you really need them at the very peak of a fold.  You have so many light strokes in the tan cloth, and there could not really be that many folds (at least in my opinion).  Plus, all those light strokes (that indicate the top of a fold) are not backed up by any gradient of values near them.  Take the two folds on the far left, those are done much better.  Just two folds, and there are many more values leading up to the apex light streak.  Does that make sense?  
    You always want to check and see the values leading up to the lightest streak of the fold.  And remember, a light streak means another fold, so be sure you really want another fold when you place another really light streak.

    Hope that helps, does that make sense?
  • Thanks for your comments and tips, which are welcome! @allforChrist @anwesha
  • Love the kettle.  Take some more time with the cloth and you will have a very nice painting.
  • I like this, @Cabral. The kettle is beautifully painted. It is very painterly overall - the brushwork imparts a lively, vibrant feel.  
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    Kettle looks very good @Cabral.

    I echo the above advice on the fabric.

  • Beautiful kettle and I love the green! You have gotten some good tips above! Useful for me as well. 
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