Winter- Kunanyi - 30"X40" - OOC

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This is  near the top of the mountain here in Hobart after a good dump of snow.  It's been a lean year for snow so I'm glad I was able to get up there and get some reference material at last. It was a gloomy, foggy day so I had to do the best I could given the light. I know it looks a bit bleak but that's how it is up there in the depth of winter.

I'm not really satisfied with this. I had to almost totally repaint it after I made a big mistake with my tablet and the lighting in my studio that ended in me getting the values all wrong. See discussion here:

I've tried to repair it by scraping down and painting over but it's a bit blotchy with more texture than I wanted for this one. Also a crappy photo taken at night with my phone. The phone camera is not picking up the subtleties of colour and value but it gives an idea of the painting. This is the first time I've tried to paint large areas of snow. I'll paint another version of this because I like the starkness and the diagonal composition. There's another snow scene I want to do first, though. It's slightly more colourful.

I guess when people abroad think of Australia they don't think of snow. But vast areas of Tasmania and the highlands of the states of New South Wales and Victoria are annually covered for months on end. Hopefully, I've given an idea of what the snow country here looks like in winter.



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