New landscape painting

New painting. I am not very happy with the final outcome. It's too dark and I am afraid that flowers and petals in the front are distracting. Should I try getting rid of them?



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    Nice job!
    It is dark but you could adjust areas with highlights! Maybe find a focal point in your painting that catches the viewers eye. The focal point is generally found in the perimeter of the center third of the painting. Often in one corner of that central area. The flowers and petals are in that area.This area in which you choose will capture the light.  The concept of light coming from a source outside of the painting might just  help your painting! Keep going as practice is your best friend. Painting can be frustrating as you learn all the tricks! This is a pretty good site to learn from. I’m no expert by any means but want you to know your effort is appreciated! 
  • I really like the colors you have used.  The oranges and blues are very pleasing. The one thing that I noticed on first viewing your painting was that your value didn't have much range, which causes the Painting tO have a lack of depth.
  • I agree with oilpainter1950: there is a lack of range of values and so the highlighted flowers look like they have a spotlight on them.  
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