Practicing water and painting with white!

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I painted this boat today as an exercise on how to paint water and also to become a little more comfortable with painting white. I think it looks a little wonky somehow, but feel like I'm making progress with my hesitancy with painting white subjects! Also, I think I have to fix the upper right side of waves. They seem a little too formulaic to me. Will also post the reference pic. I followed a Yong Chen tutorial.


  • Hi
    Looks nice I think the reflections look good. Maybe the top right of the waves could use a little smaller waves since they're further away?   Also seems like the faces of the waves that are pointing at you would be transparent (Like the more of an angle you look at them the more thy reflect). Maybe it's not the case in your reference. I don't know but here's a quick sketch over to  show what I mean:

    Good Luck!:)
  • @Richard_P thank you! Getting there! 
  • @Jan_D thank you! I can see what you mean. I really like what you superimposed here. That is helpful advice! 
  • @Allie
    Reflection in uneven water surfaces are like reflecting on curved surface. Like an old fashion fun house mirror distorted yet cohesive. I helps if when object reflecting is well defined.  
    Even when the definition isn't tight the shape is the reflection is still a mirror of sorts.

    Paint what you see. It make take some time to piece together the plane relations. Take time to understand what you see. Making art is more about seeing than painting. 
  • @KingstonFineArt
    thank you for your help! Your paintings are beautiful. I see what you mean about the shadows and taking time to "see" them. I did this painting rather quickly as an exercise and more practice is definitely needed! I'm going to try again, but with a different boat/water reference. I so appreciate your feedbadk!
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