Bob Ross Documentary

I just watched on Netflix.
I’m not a big fan of his style of painting, but he clearly brought a lot of joy to many people with his encouragement.
The documentary was very revealing , and without me giving a spoiler, I will say in terms of the Bob Ross products so widely available.
An interesting watch


  • I loved Bob Ross. He was a shitty painter but his soothing voice and a Bloody Mary was sure cure for a Saturday morning hangover. Maybe it was just the Bloody Mary. I quit drinking in 1977 and haven't seen Bob Ross since.
  • His show started airing in 1983, so you may have lost  a day or two back then.  Great to hear you are with us now!  :)
  • His son mentioned his dads gentle whispering low key presentation and said that the guy who thought Bob had a TV show but was very loud and shouty, so Bob purposefully did the opposite.
    He also wanted to appeal to the ladies.
  • @TamDeal
    Yes bob Ross did the show after another guy. Same contrived painting style. A guy named Fred Anderson?. But on my 9" SANYO tv he still soothed the ravages of demon rum.
  • I never heard of Bob Ross until the doll came out and one of my girls exclaimed "it's Bob Ross" upon seeing it.  I remember William Alexander (?), who came on after the woodworking shows.
  • Yes, very distinctive perm he had, and his head is a logo on the products.

    I have never been drawn to buying any though, and after seeing the documentary I am glad, and I would never do so.

  • I used to cringe when someone would mention how much he or she loved Bob Ross. I couldn’t get past his happy accident bushes. Only years later did I realize how much joy and happiness he brought to millions of people around the world. That is millions more than I ever brought joy and happiness to :)

    I hope he is in heaven and painting happy accident clouds.

    He helped me get over my painting snobbery.

    I am glad the documentary is available to show what a great man he was – and what a not-so-great businessman.  Some real lessons for us in those business deals with people he trusted.

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