Book: The War of Art

Has anyone ready "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield?  
If you did, what did you think?  What did you learn?

I'll start!

One thing I learned from it is that being a "professional" is more a matter of attitude and mindset than of how much money you make, or whether or not you "earn a living" as an artist.  

On the other hand, he has a section on "Fundamentalists" that leads me to believe that he much have had a very bad experience with a "Fundamentalist Church" in his youth.  

Here's a link.  I liked the Audible version best.

AmazonSmile: The War of Art (Audible Audio Edition): Steven Pressfield, Steven Pressfield, Black Irish Entertainment LLC: Audible Books & Originals


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    I've read this slim book. Its message is equally slim. It boils down to this: If you think crap you'll produce crap. Or nothing at all. True enough. But that's hardly an original thought. One of the best bits was about pursing your art doggedly whether not you ever become "successful'. And the best chapter was the one on fundamentalism and its chilling effect on originality and creativity. True again, but free-thinkers have known this for centuries. Still, it was refreshing to read Pressfield's particular take on fundamentalism's deadening effect on art. The later chapters (they're all very short) are basically about what he likes to believe rather than what can be proved - there's a bit of quasi new-age spirituality bunk here.  Luckily, it was a quick and easy read. He writes well, but if it had been any longer I would have discarded it before finishing. 
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