Back from a workshop, study from life

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Hello everyone!

I was away from my laptop (and hence the forum) for a month to do a workshop at the atelier i was studying while in Chicago. We had to draw from a model. It was a painting workshop but i chose to draw with charcoal. Sharing my drawing stages here (as attachments). Am back now and on to some more master copies in charcoal. I also got my oils and solvents back from my friend in Chicago, so now I'll be painting soon too! yay!

P.S I wish i had a few more days to touch up on the details which i had intended to do at the end.  Also had a lot of help from the instructor, so all credit to her for what ever i was able to accomplish.

Thank you for your time to have a look :)

Materials: Roma paper ( working on the side opposite to where "ROMA" is printed
Nitram charcoals: B  for getting the initial drawing in (and also getting the darkest darks where necessary)
HB for most of the work.
H for working the lightest values and lighter transitions.



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