OBELISK (or Still Life with Furry Rocks) – 30” X 40” - OOC

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This is the eighth major work in my “Mountain” series. It’s an outcrop near the top of the mountain here. It’s not a conventionally pretty landscape and will probably have appeal only for geologists and lichenologists.  But that’s ok. I thought the rock formation and the life on it were fascinating, dramatic and beautiful, so I’ve done my best to make everything look true to life. I wanted the viewer to feel the mass and flaky roughness of the rocks.

It took me ages to mix the colours but once I got them right and mixed enough it was plain sailing. It’s quite big and took me about 10 days to get the canvas covered. I’ve left the sky fairly flat so that the rocks remain the focus. There is a bit of structure in the clouds but it doesn’t show up in this phone photo taken at night. There are still a few adjustments to be made but this is basically it.

Anyway, even though you may not want to have something like this on your wall, I’d be grateful for any comments on the realism, the drawing, texture, colour/values, brushwork or anything else you care to mention.


Thanks for looking and commenting.




PS To see more lichenous detail you can click on “Open in new tab” and zoom in. 



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