pouring acrylic from the tube


I want to create lines of thick paint on the canvas by pouring the paint from the tube onto the canvas as I move my hand slowly over the canvas.
In this photo I did a small test on paper. The lines are about 1/3 inch thick/tall and wide.
It takes a while for the paint to dry but I'm ok with that.
I will cover the large canvas with lots of squiggly lines. This will consume a lot of paint so want to ask for advice. Is there a more economical way to achieve this? 


  • Yonia

    There is a product called Floetrol to make acrylic paint flow better. Buy a squeeze bottle.

    • Eliminates brush and lap marks
    • Gives a spray-like finish
    • Improves coverage and hiding
    • Makes painting easier
    • Makes paint last longer
    Floetrol by Flood improves the performance of acrylics and other water based paints and varnishes to make them flow like oil, without the usual clean up hassle.

    Floetrol saves money and assures a professional job every time.

    In the last decade acrylic pour painting has become popular, so there are probably many products that do this job.

    Check out YouTube for acrylic pour techniques - adding alcohol, water, silicone and many others.

  • I had a painting in which I wanted to paint very thick impasto hair in the style of Etienne Roth.  I used acrylic gesso to put on the thick impasto for the hair and then painted over it with the final color after it dried.  

    They make an acrylic modeling medium that is thicker, so you have a choice of products.

    For applying the beads, you can buy empty paint tubes from most art supply houses.  You ould fill them with the gesso or modeling medium.  I've also seen the empty tubes that household caulking comes in.  

    Another idea for applying the beads that is even easier is the cake decorating piping bags and tips.  You can get disposable bags and an assortment of tip sizes for making the beads. 

    If you find that painting over the gessoed beads doesn't work well, and you need to use paint to make the beads, the cheapest way to come up with paint is to make your own.  This way, you can also experiment with different thicknesses of paint.  Just mix acrylic medium into dry pigments until you get the thickness you need.  naturalpigments.com and earthpigments.com are two good sources of pigments and instructions at fairly reasonable prices.

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