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Everyone might already know about this, but I recently re-discovered this pigment database and also discovered a feature that I wasn't aware of before.  It's "The Color of Art Pigment Database"  

It has what appears to be a comprehensive table of all pigments listed by their "Color Index" number.  For example PR264.  Since there is no standard naming convention amount paint manufacturers, their marketing departments decide on a snazzy name.  The database lists all of these names that it knows about.  PR264 Pyrrole Red Rubine has about 25 other Marketing names!

The feature that I wasn't aware of is that among these Marketing names are link to the company that make the paint that uses that name.  So I found that Royal Talens, Blockx, Schminke, M Graham, Winsor Newton, Chroma, Daniel Smith, Liquitex, Golden, and Holbein all make a paint with PR264 pigment.  I also found the Kremer Pigments sells the dry pigment.

The best source I've found to identify the pigment color index used in a given paint is the Dick Blick website.  I find the manufacturer and hue I am interested in and then go to that color's page by clicking on the color's part number.  There I can find the pigment information including the Color Index number.  Then I can use the "Color of Art Pigment Database" to see who else uses that same pigment.

You might not find this to be exciting, but I did!  LOL  Here's the link.

The Color of Art Pigment Database: Pigment White, PW (artiscreation.com)



  • mstrick96 - What do you mean by "pigment color index"? I think artiscreation calls this the "color index generic name" and I just call it the pigment number, for example PR108, cadmium red. 

    I agree that it is a wonderful website. I contribute a few bucks each year as payment for the great information. Whenever I read of wild color claims on the web, I can find out the truth on the Artiscreation site. I find the lightfastness ratings especially useful, since so many paint manufacturers are "creative" with this aspect of their paint.

    Again, I am so happy you posted about this resource. It is a revelation about pigments, and now newcomers to the DMP forum can read about it. 
  • Same  thing.  I was trying to differentiate between dyes and pigments because both are covered under this naming system as I understand it.

    I'm not an expert though, so I might be using the terminology incorrectly.  

    It was exciting to me to find the manufacturers in the Marketing name column!  I've ofter wanted to know how many manufacturers made a specific color, but because the different companies tend to make up their own names, it's tough!  I knew how to find the pigments used on DickBlick, and now I know how to find my way through all the Marketing jargon!
  • Yes, I find the distinction between dyes (lakes) and pigments confusing, too. I tend to use just pigments  because I mistrust a lot of the lightfastness claims for the dyes put out by the paint brands. 
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