The first protrait with real model,work in progress

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First I want to thank all who give the really nice comments with my last masterstudy. It’s really helpful and encouraged me.
This week I tryed the new portrait with real model.  
It is base to Zorn palette but I use ultramarine blue to instead Ivory black。and the light source is natural light.
It is obviously more difficult that the mastercopy. I try to use the skill what I learn from mastercopy to this one but it not really work well.
so my question is how I can save the feeling when I work with my mastercopy ,and bring this as much as possible to my own artwork.(I hope my English is not too poor to explain it)
I hope I can get help to continue this portrait.thanks again 😊


  • I think its coming along pretty well! You've got really good skills, the face is painted really nicely, your brushwork is just good to look at. I've tried Zorn palette as well before and in my experience you can't really get around ivory black. I believe that might help a bit, because those colours that make up the palette are really well thought out. I think you can alter the red for instance, but ivory black is crucial for the colors. I'm not an advanced painter in any ways and I understand that it is in progress, but I'm not sure about values. Maybe it's just me, but i feel like it could add more depth to the painting if the values would be correct, but maybe they are and I see it differently. Nonetheless it is surely going to be a wonderful portrait as it looks great as it is in this stage.
  • It is beautiful.  It isn't far from the mastercopy at all.  Just need more depth/detail in the long section of hair.

    Ask yourself what qualities the mastercopy had -- what part of the portrait was emphasized the most, how was this done, etc.  Did it give a certain impression, and what gave it that impression?  Then you can translate the analysis to your own paintings.  

    Keep painting portraits.  I really like seeing yours.
  • That's a splendid effort!  Really like it.  Can't offer many suggestions as my experience with portraits is very limited, except to say after Mark Carder, don't blend on the canvas :)  Keep going.
  • This is looking good already, @nanjiang. It's well drawn. The hair is starting to look good at the top and the eyes look great.  Keep going. I agree with Gary_Heath about not blending.   :)
  • thank you @tamasgodanyi, I think you are right about ivory black. It make sense that how important and irreplaceable that ivory black in Zorn palette. I thought maybe I will start a new one with the same portrait painting but with ivory black . I think It will help me to understand the colors more.thanks a lot with the tips.and hope that you can see the reply.
  • Thank you @allforChrist,and hope that you can see my reply.
    I thought your comments are quite right .It show me the direction how I should really study the master artworks.that means a lot .
    Ofcause it is not so easy but I think that is the best part when you try to catch the flash of master’s inspiration from the great artworks .

  • Thank you @Gary_Heath
    I am so happy that you leave the comments.yes,I agree with you,not blending. I will keep going 💪
  • [email protected],thank you to leave the comments with this painting and also my mastercopy.It’s happy to read all and get power from you.thanks 
  • i really like seeing edges dissolving into the atmosphere, like you have at the back of the head of the model! very well done!
  • Your brushwork is looking confident, but I think your background color didn't set the model's hair off very effectively. The colors seem too alike and that means a lack of contrast. Obviously I can't tell you how to paint your own pictures, but probably adding some greens into the background mixture might have been a stronger foil against the models head. 
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