PR-264 Pyrrole Rubine Transparent

edited August 2021 in Color Mixing
This is a result of my investigations into substitutes for alizarin crimson.  I've been using Mark's pyrrole rubine (pr-264) and also the Winsor Newton permanent alizarin (pr-177 anthraquinone red) and I like them both.  I've been making my paints and want to make these two up to decide which to use permanently.  

I found a source for the PR-177 at Kama Pigments, but am having difficulty finding a source for buying Pr-264.

By the way, I bought some M Graham Pyrrole Red thinking it was the same as Mark's.  Is is NOT the same.  It is PR-254 and is opaque where PR264 is transparent!  Checking on Dick Blick, I found that Holbein makes one using pr264 that they call pyrrole rubine transparent and that there are a couple of other manufacturers that use pr264 but give it a different name.

Does anyone know where I can but the PR-264 dry pigment in relatively small quantities?  


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