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I was rummaging aimlessly through Wikiart and came across this painting by Sorolla and thought others might also be interested in it. I think it's amazing. If you go to Wikiart you can zoom in and see the amazing work he did on the nets. But it's not so much the detail that I find most impressive but the values - they are beautiful. He's captured bright sunshine and shadow so well. I love the colour, too.  And the overall composition is wonderful. I ran it though @Roxy's little app and found many correspondences with the GR and Dynamic symmetry. 



  • Thanks for sharing this.   I wholeheartedly agree.    A painting that would give endless pleasure, no matter how much you looked at it.  None of it looks forced. I love the sail in the distance; it has quite a lean on it!
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    Ian Roberts does a very quick overview of the compositional structure of this in an introductory video on composition (at about 3:42):

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    Thanks, @CBG. That was worth seeing. I feel pleased that Roberts thought it worth analyzing and that he analyzed its structure pretty much as I did. It's structure was certainly given a lot of thought by Sorollla and yet it doesn't look contrived. Everything looks natural. The composition is wonderful and then there's the drawing, the values, colour, brushwork ..  It's all there. It's a delightful composition and a marvelous painting on many levels.  :)
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    Oh, and I forgot to mention something to those who insist that the focal point should never be dead center. This painting disproves that rule.  :)
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    That painting above is certainly one of the most detailed painting of Sorolla but effortless control is something to be observed carefully.
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