Main Creek, Baldry's Crossing Circuit Walk, Main Ridge.

And for all this, nature is never spent;

There lives the dearest freshness deep down things. (Gerard Manley Hopkins)

So much now 'wears man's smudge, and shares man's smell,' that this little place and its flickerings of light and sound caught me. We long for unsullied spaces left to the wild heart and gentle fingers of nature. This could be now or a thousand years ago... The exquisite detail and texture drew me in, so that I had to find new brushes, new techniques and countless hours to absorb every trembling detail of what had enraptured me with just a glimpse.

But it was a fleeting moment. Whilst I stared at nature it was looking past me, beyond me... Only a few weeks later the place was difficult to recognise. The summer burnt away the freshness of green moss and grass and all seemed breathless, the creek low and still. Oil on board. 61.5 x 91.5cm.

This is Mornington Peninsula in Victoria Australia.


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