Characteristics of Bob Ross and Bill Alexander paints?

I was womdering if there is anyone on the forum who has actually used the Bob Ross and/or Bill Alexander oil paints?  

What sort of characteristics do they have in use?  How do they compare to other brands?

My favorite paint is Geneva, followed by M Graham and Gamblin.  I also have some Winsor Newton that I modified with Mark's slow dry medium. 

I recently came into quite a bit of Ross and Alexander paints, and was trying to figure out how to work them into my process.


  • mstrick96

    I have used neither. From my reading on Wet Canvas (WC) the Bob Ross are in the ‘student’ category of paint quality, and are, not surprisingly, designed to suit the Bob Ross style of wet in wet by having thicker consistency darks and oilier lights.

    Some opinions on WC suggest that both artists used the same paint formulas. The burnt umber being quite thick and gritty but not rich in pigment, the raw sienna is very weak in tone but mixes well.

    Many great paintings are done with student quality paint. Large amounts of paint are needed to effect changes in value. Unpredictable results can arise mixing values from combo pigments in a tubed hue colour.

    I suggest using these paints for toning canvas, blocking in, back ground areas, sky, clouds, vegetation etc. Use Artist quality paint for portraits and still life.

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