Brush Dip…

I bought brush dip from Geneva Fine Art thinking I would try not cleaning my brushes so much. In the end, I am someone that likes looking at a brush rack of clean brushes!!! Question… since I don’t use the brush dip that much, is it okay to thin paints and increase drying time with the brush dip instead of just linseed oil? Will the brush dip cause problems with a painting if too much was mixed in with the oil paint??? 


  • buchmarshall

    Yep. OK to thin paint with brush dip. The components are linseed oil and 2% clove.
    Oil paint out of the tube is made with 40 to 50% oil content, so it needs some care to avoid over fat mixes.
    Can be a problem if painting in layers. 


  • The bottle says safflower oil so that’s why I was wondering. I didn’t know how that compared to linseed oil? Thank you for responding! Much appreciated!!! 
  • buchmarshall

    Safflower can have a rancid aroma and accumulate a gummy residue in brushes.
    Though the product you have may be refined to avoid this.
    I use walnut oil with clove in immersion baths for brushes with no problems and occasionally adjust paint viscosity.

  • I went ahead and used it to thin paint tonight!!! We should’ve good to go with your advice! 👍
    Thank you!
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