Thinking of making a print

These are some of my 'Kitchen Art' 6 x 6 paintings I've done of the past 10 years. Only the two bottom pears haven't found new home. I'm keeping them. I printed a test on my 16 year old Epson 7800 printer. All looks good. The images are all full size so the final print size will be around 30 x 20. Archival ink on fine art paper.
Do you think there would be interest? What do feel it may be worth?



  • Those are beautiful paintings! i'm not sure about prints pricing - think online galleries usually offer them starting with 40-50 bucks? 
  • I have almost finished a set of 12 oil on A3 paper paintings.  What I have done so far have been taken to my local print shop for professional scanning.   They are being printed as cards and a calendar to begin with.    Depending on those sales, I will look at some prints of A4 or A3 size.   The cards will cost under $1 with envelopes to produce, so the mark up will be reasonable, but will have to sell through local tourist shops so there will be others taking a cut off the final price.   The calendars will cost about half the sales price to produce, so I will make less on them I think.  Trouble will be guessing the right number of calendars to have produced.   If they do not all sell, I will be left with useless articles, whereas cards and prints can be sold, regardless of the date/year!

    This is a huge learning curve for me.   I have never really sold many paintings before and it was only word of mouth.    That was part of the reason for going with the local print shop.  I am getting some good advice from them.

    I will be keen to see how you get on in your journey.  Love the pics, they should sell well in kitchen shops.
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