A trip to the Rockwell Museum

This was our third trip to the Norman Rockwell Museum. They have a focus on several topical paintings but this is the one that pops for me. Heres a detail. The colors are amazing. Human. The amount of texture that he build and painted over seem to be a secret for reproduction.

I'm no fan of Beaugureau but there was a show there of fantasy and sci-fi art. I like this Beaugureau painting a lot.

Good news my shoulder is on the mend... we hope. May need rotator cuff surgery but let's hope not.


  • Thanks for posting.  I’m a museum rat myself.  I love visiting museums. 
    I had a shoulder injury years ago and wondered if I had torn my rotator cup. But since I was able to lift my arm above my shoulder height I was told I wouldn’t need it.  Turned out they were right.  It took a while to heal but it’s been good ever since.  Hope yours heals well and you can get back to painting.
  • As well as his incredible technical abilities with paint, I really admire Rockwell's sense of humour!

    I had one frozen shoulder operated on after 18 months being frozen.   It lasted a year, then returned for 8 or nine months and is liftable and liveable now.
    Then, 3 years ago, my other shoulder froze.   I have no wish to repeat the operation process, so have lived with an arm I cannot lift to the back door handle (1930-50's high door handle), or brush the back of a horse taller than 15hh.    I fear it is like this for life.  Mine is caused by 'scar tissue' in the joint.   I feel for you, and hope your shoulder mends soon.   It can be quite debilitating at times.
  • Thanks for posting @KingstonFineArt! I loved Norman Rockwell as a kid and still find his work fascinating. I love how he’s painted the hair and face of the boy. The other painting is quite beautiful too. Good luck with your shoulder- I hope the healing continues!
  • Beautiful paintings @KingstonFineArt, thanks for posting. hope your shoulder will get better :)
  • I’m also a big fan of Norman Rockwell. Especially his “Four Freedoms”. Hope your shoulder heals soon. I’ve known several people who’ve had that surgery and I know it takes a long time to heal. Looking forward to seeing some more of your work!
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