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Hello everyone, my name is Corey. I’m a truck driver from Wisconsin working 60 hour weeks, I decided last winter to try painting, I chose acrylics for 3 reasons, cheap, easy clean up, no smell. It turned out to be very challenging in blending because it dries out so fast. It seems that most of the tutorials I see are for oils . I try to incorporate those ideas in my paintings but it doesn’t always work out for me. The paintings I see on this forum are truly amazing. When I show my work to people they tell me it’s good but they are not artists like you guys. I will post all 5 that I have done so far. I would love to hear what you guys think. They are all 16x20s except for the horse which is a 30x40.


  • Hi, @Reagsn. Welcome to the forum. I'm not sure about inspiration but we can certainly offer encouragement here.   :)
  • Welcome to the forum.
  • These are good, @Reagan. My favorites are the cat and the horse.  :)
  • On the whole they are great.  I love the light of the horse one.  Just check the shape of the eye on that pic.  The angle you chose is difficult and you have done an excellent job of it.   Love the cat also.   The expression you have on both the cat and the dog are very good.   
    I think the Clint picture lets the others down a bit.   It is mainly the hands,   Perhaps a bit of subtlety on the back of his hands would help tone it down a bit?  His left hand is larger than his right hand.   I think the right hand looks ok so perhaps the left is the problem?    Perhaps also some subtlety on the face would be a bit more flattering?    I know you are going for the "tough" look, but sometimes less is more??
    I don't use acrylics myself, but think there are mediums you can buy to mix with them and they take longer to dry?
    Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
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