Oil over acrylic, or acrylic over oil?

I am just curious about this subject, I don't disagree with the wisdom that you can't paint acrylic over oil, except...

It was a great day when latex paints became available for homeowners.  I love the stuff, and it is better in every way.  Now, where I live you can barely find an alkyd paint, but what does surprise me is that most painters actually recommend buying alkyd primers for latex paint.  I never liked the idea because the primer is still a messy thing to deal with, and one advantage of latex is that it stretches, which is great over wood, because wood expands and contracts.

Alkyd is a name for oil paint, an latex, is acrylic latex, so does anyone know why the winning combo in the outdoors, oil under acrylic, won't work at all in the art field?


  • TamDeal

    Alkyd is a name for oil paint

    Alkyd is a polyester resin, used as an additive in oil paint.

    latex is acrylic latex

    latex is a milky plant derived fluid. The polymer in acrylic paint is very different from latex emulsions.

    Oil under acrylic will not work as the slow drying oil paint will continue to move and shrink under a long hardened acrylic paint. This leads to cracking, crazing, de lamination and paint loss.

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